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Web links happen to be the online juice for the search crawlers that help search engines index the web pages appropriately. These web-crawlers or search spiders make use of sophisticated algorithms to do the link analysis, so they can discover and index new pages and establish inter-linking relation among different pages.

Since quite a while, search engines have been treating links as a key to gauge the popularity and overall importance of a certain website. Nowadays, this link analysis has grown and evolved into an intricate art that is complex and precise in evaluating the pages.

However, while we do know that link building is significant and carry a great weight when it comes to evaluating a page, it is not everything there is to SEO. Now, search engines are able to gather a whole lot of data and information just from the links to a page. In addition to assessing the overall popularity of the page, they also establish metrics for spam, authority and trust. Evidently, sites that are trustworthy definitely receive a lot of links from similar trustworthy sites; however, spam sites do not get a lot of links from authority sources. Common authority models state that these links are a smart way to identify the authority of a specific page.

Now, as you can assess from the significance that these links hold, it is of great focus to build reputable links in order to sharpen the search engine profile and gain traffic from the search engines. Moreover, in SEO tasks, link building holds the utmost significance and weight for attracting traffic and establishing a credible search ranking. At Cyberkulture, we completely understand the importance of link building. We have experienced and expert SEOs in our team who make sure that you get only good quality links from authority sites. We completely understand that how search engines examine the quality of links.

If you are wondering how exactly the search spiders assign a value to these links, then you must first understand all the individual elements that constitutes a link and how that contributes towards the search engine ranking. Now, the exact method of page ranking is still elusive but after years of analyses and understanding of this online universe of search spiders, here are a few things that you must remember when it comes to link building:

Global Popularity of the Link:

One of the most important and common indicator is the “global popularity”, for instance, Wikipedia has an established reputation because of the diverse array of the incoming links. In order to earn authority and build trust within the search engine world, you must take help of other link partners and the more popular they are, the better it is for you.

Local Popularity of the Incoming Link:

An interesting factor is the local popularity that contributes a great deal towards the ranking (especially in the local search). Links coming from sites that are located in a specific area carry more weight as compared to other more general ones.

Anchor Text definitely matters:

Another important factor is the anchor text that’s being used; search engines associate a good amount of weight to that when computing the page rank or score.

Don’t Forget the Trust Rank:

It is little surprising that this online world also has a lot of spam, so search engines are very savvy in filtering that out and therefore, have stringent measures to assess the trust excluding the spam links.

Double Check the Freshness:

Having a fresh link carries a lot of weight for sure, as link signals decay after a while. Therefore, it is vital to the popularity of your site that you carefully check the link freshness.

Social Sharing is Big Nowadays:

Recently, social media has been gaining popularity vastly and although search engines treat these social links a little bit different, yet these carry a huge weight and contribute towards the score and rank.

Now these indicators are definitely not an exhaustive list and there’s a lot more that goes when it comes to link building.

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