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Google has seen the opportunity to earn some money from the results it is displaying in the search engine. For this purpose they created their own service for advertising which is allowing clients to place search results for the webpages of the clients on the SERP (search engine results page) by paying some amount of money to Google. This service is called Google AdWords. This service is giving the opportunity to clients not to wait for their website to reach first pages at search results and improve their rankings, but by paying for this to Google AdWords, they will get their website to the first pages in SERP and improve their rankings.

Recognizing paid search in Google is easy, because Google places a small yellow “Ad” square on them, so the customers could recognize them easily. Basically, it is a bidding auction; those who want to have their page on the first page, choose proper keywords (that the searcher will probably use) for that website and then create an advert in Google AdWords. But considering that someone else is going to be doing this, with the same keywords, you will either have to be very original with the keywords or bid against the competitors on how much will one click of a customer cost. The more you offer for to pay per click, biggest will be the chances your website to be on the top of the search engine results page.

How Cyberkulture is going to use Google AdWords to put a website on the top of the search engine results page?

Here in Cyberkulture we believe that putting a website on the top of any search engine results page is crucial for getting quality traffic and increasing profit. As Google is the biggest in this branch we are concentrating first here, but also taking in consideration some others like Yahoo. We will surely use the bidding technique and compete with others to get better position on the top page, but that is not the only thing that can be done to get there. Google AdWords is also taking in consideration some other factors like Quality Score.

Quality score is very dependable on the keywords you have chosen. We have a whole team of people that will work on your keywords, and of course we need certain help and information from our customers, because they know their website better than anybody. So how this works – Google is looking the keywords and checks the compatibility of the keywords with your page. The bigger the compatibility the higher the quality score. And even if some competitors are offering bigger bids for a click on their page than yours, if you have a higher Quality Score, your page will be ranked higher than theirs.

Another thing that we are using is the option called cost per impression. This is a cheaper option and it brings less results. Basically, it means you pay for only showing your page in the SERP, not necessarily clicking on it.

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