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Facebook has realized that when you are so big and part of people’s everyday life, you can actually earn a lot of money through advertising businesses on targeted audience, because nobody can target the audience better than Facebook.

The popularity of Facebook brought him a lot of users from all parts of the world and from almost every business or group you can imagine. This is why it became so attractive place for targeting the right audience for advertising. There are a lot of different ways how you can advertise on Facebook.

The first thing to be done is a must- and that is creating a business page for the thing you are advertising. Facebook offers a lot of subjects in this area such as: Local Business, Artists and Bands, Companies and Organizations, Entertainment, Causes and Community and this list is upgraded from time to time. The basic process of advertising is that you pay to Facebook a certain amount of money (depending to the ad you want) and they are showing it to the audience you target. This way you will receive only targeted audience that will like that page you created, and there you can post products or information to keep the audience interested in your company. As the number of likes grows, more people will know about your business and that will result with more sales and bigger profit. But the thing that needs to have special attention is targeting the right audience; this must be done very carefully with the right keywords.

How Cyberkulture is using Facebook advertising to bring targeted traffic to your website ?

Cyberkulture pays special attention on Facebook advertising because popularity of Facebook is growing from day to day, and its base of users is so big that is an opportunity for advertising whatever business or service. Here can be gained maximum results with minimum effort.

The way we work on Facebook advertising is creating a page for the website, business or service you want to be advertised and starting to create some content that can be published on the Facebook page. The content must be with very good quality because it is not only to bring traffic, but we tend to keep the customers coming back again and again. This is the key to success of every business. We have a team of professionals that will create the perfect ad of the choices Facebook offers and that is suitable for the thing you want to advertise.

Because the targeting of audience is the most important part of every ad, we spend most of our resources on this particular problem and have developed very deep analysis for this subject. We are targeting the audience by factors like: age, location, interests, gender, relationship status, political views, languages and a lot more.

We also make our ads available for mobile phones, because the recent researches show that more than 700 million people use Facebook from their mobile phones and this number is increasing every day. So this is a possibility for advertising that shouldn’t be left aside.

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